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the Palm Pre - iPhone (1st gen)

Palm Pre Don't HaveIt (yet) but did a little playing WithIt and thinking OfIt when they go on sale tomorrow.

(See what I ended up with on 10/11/09 click here)

First off keep in mind that I'm a bit older person, not the texting type.

I have a few Sprint phones and the service and signal works real good for me. I also have an iPhone (1st Gen) from AT&T and the service in my area sucks and I'm talking Edge (No 3G for 50 plus miles), it (Edge) also sucked in a northern city with 1,000,000 people 3 miles from downtown over the last two years. So now may be the time to replace my 2002 version Sprint phones and the piss poor AT&T signal.


The Palm Pre felt a little heavier than my old Apple iPhone and the viewing screen is smaller. The small keyboard works for those that do texting, but if you use reading glasses, you best have them on to see the keys.

The sideway swipe gets the app your using back to the desktop (home menu screen) and shown as a smaller screen on the home screen, to remove it you do an upward swipe, and it's gone. Pinch to make the screen smaller and a spread to magnify, just like the iPhone. So far so good. Yes, you can run more than one app (cards) at a time.

The camera is a way better picture (with flash) over the iPhone and the pictures again use the pinch mode.

The Palm Pre Web Browser works about the same and the iPhone and just like the iPhone I didn't see flash player pages show up.

Has a backup app that saves your phone info with a tape on the backup icon. If you have your life that is on the google it will tranfer your contacts, calendars etc. Very Nice!

Did try the TV mode and watched the NFL channel.

So yes I LikeIt, and would BuyIt.  But this is mostly base on the Signal of the Carrier Service provided, as the two phones do much the same.

So I'll have to wait until this Monday to see what Apple is up to at WWDC 2009 (newer iPhone?). Also the "here say" of Verizon getting the iPhone would work great for me, as they have a good signal where I live.

I'll keep y'all posted .....


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Looks like I'll end up giving the Android HTC Hero (Sprint) a try on the 11th

October 1, 2009 | Registered CommenterHaveIt

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