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My Google Voice - the Translation

  the translation


Here's my test results, testing a message left via a click on the Google Voice icon on my WebSite.  It rang my HTC Hero, the phone number I placed in the Google Voice icon.

I said my comment and then Google called my iPhone, the number Google has for that account. I didn't answer so it went to leaving a voice message and then texting my iPhone.

Results .........

Yeah let's first. Jackie dead calling and testing that google it was system. Thank you and we'll go from there. Maybe after committee and we'll see how this turns out. Bye.

What I said .......

Yeah this was Tacky Ted calling and testing the Google voice system. umm  Thank you Google for giving me the opportunity and we'll see how this turns out. Bye 


Play message  < it also lets you click on a link out of your eMail, that pulls up your browser to see the text and play the voice message.

  • I know a Jackie, and it's good to know she's fine and well.
  • Take the tabaky out of mouth before you speak.
  • Always press play



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