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SolarTEK save 47% and the free meal

 After receiving a Direct Mail claiming that I could get up to 47% savings on our energy usage. We opted to go for the free meal and a 2 hour demonstration. 


In the room filled with 16 elderly couples, the presentation of the SolarTEK reflective shield began with a sample of the SolarTEK Shield material.  Also a water saving shower head was shown along with a tank cover.  Last but not least was the  Power Optimizer box.  Upon finishing you could request that a person stop by your home the next day for a "in home evaluation".  Opting for the next step, we had the sales person pay us a visit the next day.

First I must say, that in our "in home evaluation visit" the sales person in no way pushed or pressured me to buy.  This could be that he realised that I might have a very good understanding of what SolarTEK was selling.  Unlike most elderly people!   Our home is under construction with our self installed energy sustainable addition.  So after I gave him a quick tour of our abode, we sat down to go over the pricing.

Asking about the shower head cost, reply was $50

Water Tank reflective shield cover, reply was $69

Asking about the SolarTEK Shield cost.  It came down to $1.09 per square foot installed.  This cost was after the $0.32 energy grant and sales tax credit being deducted.  I'm accustom to filling out for grants by the homeowner himself.

Asking about the SolarTEK Power Optimizer, the reply was $995.  Say What ???

Now this is just for the gray box with 4 lead of wires coming out of it.  You pay someone to tie it into your 240 volt electrical panel to my understanding.

Need less to say that on the demo unit at the free meal demonstration I had pick up this 10x10 gray pvc electrical box that had a selector switch mounted on it's side with the ranges of 50 amp 100 amp 150 amp 200 amp on it.  To me, not looking inside, I assume all it had was a cap or two in it to do a power correction of the inductive load of any motor the was running.  Plus this 10x10 gray pvc electrical box had No Electrical Name Plate stating any values.  I'm no engineer, but have twisted a few wire nuts in my lifetime!


I did inquire about their SolarTEK Energy PV systems.  The sales person said the an expert in the felid would have to contact me.  He explained that they would use a globe like thing to view the sun shading for the different seasons of the year.  I then ask if he knew the cost per kW of their solar, but he refered back to their experts would have to be contacted.  I then showed him our 1.645 kW Solar PV system with the cost of under $6.00 per watt.

 Below is a brief description of the some of their products along with the links to their website.  Very little information is shown on this SolarTEK website about the SolarTEK Shield and SolarTEK Power Optimizer.


Solartek SHIELD

The SolarTEK shield reflects 97% of the radiant energy striking your home, making it more efficient to heat and cool your home. The SolarTEK Shield is effective in regulating your homes comfort in every season.


Power Optimizer

Solartek power optimizer
SolarTEK Power Optimizer will reduce the consumption of electricity in your home or business by up to 30%.


SolarTEK Energy (solar)

Specializing in Solar PV Electricity, Solar Hot Water, and Solar Pool Heating, unequaled product line and the largest solar installation and integration company in the Eastern United States

Reader Comments (5)

So what is your opinion regarding the reflective SolarTek shield? Has anybody had it installed? Does it really make your house more comfortable? I am more concerned as to whether that is really true than how long it might take us to recoup the expenditure in reduced electric bills. If it really improves the comfort level without having to run the A/C so much, then I would be happy with that result even if it took years to recoup the cost.

April 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKC

Enjoyed the dinner last night, but not the sales visit today. There was a considerable amount of pressure to sign a contract today; they don't want you to have time to think about it. I've spent some time on the internet today to try to get some idea from others as to the effectiveness of the reflective film without much success. If this SolarTEK film was as effective as they say it is, then it should sell itself (no need for fancy dinners). Word of mouth or internet posts would verify their claims. I was also a bit disappointed that we couldn't get a list of names of people who were happy with the material and had found it to be effective and actually save money over a few years. The salesman would only give us a list of satisfied customers after we signed a contract, and not before. Really!

June 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCall me skeptical

Hi there! Getting it installed on my grandmother's house to help her out. I am paying for it myself. she doesn't like to use the air conditioner because it costs so much.

If she notices a difference she'll tell me. She won't tell me if the difference is minimal. I'll be sure to report back! She's in for another month and a half of 100+ degree weather.

August 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNick

Has anyone notice a difference yet on the solar shield

February 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermichelle

Solar Tek Shield did not work for us. We spent an enormous amount of money for nothing. They will not return phone calls. BBB has them as an F rating. We have turned it over to the State Atty Gen. Have heard nothing yet.

January 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSG

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