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Augen Gentouch 78 at K-mart (It's no iPad)

Kmart has begun offering this low-cost version of an iPad-like device called the Augen Gentouch 78 .  So I went down on Monday Aug 2nd to our local K-mart and picked it up for the price of $169. This is no iPad!  The Menu, HomePage, BackSpace, Search Button are all on the back side.  So to access them you have to pick up the Augen Gentouch. I also found it to be a bit slow.  Needlees to say the Augen Gentouch went right back to K-mart

The Wi-Fi-equipped Gentouch features 7-inch touchscreen, Samsung 800MHz processor, 2GB of embedded memory, and SD/MMC slot to expand memory, the spokesperson said. It comes with 1800mAh lithium battery.´╗┐